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By Katja Špoljar - Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hi :) How was your day? I took my first exam  this semester in  the morning so 1 down, 3 more to go. I just can't wait to be done with all the studying! (3 more weeks until then :/) Well, anyway we had a sunny day today, so I took the opportunity to go out and make some pictures. We made about hundred of them but I look like a crazy person on most of them. Gotta get my modeling poses together haha :D
I also wanted to ask you, if you have any suggestions which series should I start watching. I was watching Pretty little liars but I got bored because they just don't tell you who that A person is, so I googled it and I was disappointed. I have already watched sex and the city, gossip girl, desperate housewives... Each suggestion is welcome :)

I got this skirt and necklace from Chicnova. I wrote about the necklace in a previous post so you can check it out. if you want :) About the skirt, one thing -I think I'll wear it a lot :) It's made from nice materials so it's really comfortable to wear and I think it looks lovely :)

   Top: H&M, skirt/necklace: Chicnova, leggings: Calzedonia, boots: mommy's gift


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  1. kok si dobra. :)) moj prvi je jutr, kaj drugega kot ekonomija, pa močno upam, da mi vse uspe v prvem roku. :) hm.. serije: teen wolf(najbolša serija možno), carrie diaries, white collar, castle, suits, new girl, modern family, pa game of thrones hahha sicer ne gledam, ampak vsi pravjo, da je ful zakon. :)) tud mene mineva pretty little liars, enostavno se preveč vleče. Veliko sreče na izpitih! :D

    1. o hvala :) hah, ekonomija <3 sam ko jo maš pol narjeno, si pa najbol srečen človek :P srečno! men je lani nekako ratal vse v prvo narest in sm mela pol lepo počitnce, letos mamo pa vse ful bol obsežno in se ne morm tuk naučit.-.- Boš vidla čez en let :P in čist obupujem nad enim komunikološkim predmetom (majgaad sej ne študeram komunikologije-.-)

      jaa, carrie diaries gledam, new girl sm tut že, modern family, himym tut skos gledam :D haha Game of thrones, ma dej veš, da bom res pogledala, k vsi to tko gledajo :D! Ja mene so tej liarsi čist minil k se že 3 sezone sam neki zapleta pa nč ne zveš pa kr neki, skos je isto in sm mela dost, in sm poguglala, in je kr neki :D

  2. I really like the mix of colours! The texture of your top is cool!

    Regarding the TV series look, I like: Hannibal, The Americans and Peaky Blinders. Hope you like them! :)

    1. thank you :) I'll check them out :)

  3. nice outfit for daily wearing!

  4. Res lep outfit :)
    Pulover mi je super vsec :)

    Svetlana od Lavender Star

  5. You look so cute and i really like the look!
    I'm also following your cute blog :)

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  6. I love those boots and skirt! Nice outfit

  7. Nice outfit ! Love your top and necklace ^_^
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  8. Depends what kind of TV shows you like :) I loved watching Castle so maybe you can give that a go :)

    I hope your exam went well doll! Good luck for all the rest! :)

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  9. great boots and neklace! really like your look :)
    Mrs Vain

  10. Ohh!! love your look :)
    Good luck for your exams!!
    I don't know your kind of movies but i'm watching Castle and Made in Chelsea :)
    (Sorry for my english haha)

    1. Thank you :)!
      I'm watching Made in Chelsea too. It's nice:D!

  11. You look gorgeous in black & white and that necklace you added is perfect!

  12. I love your outfit! The black and white combo is lovely and I love your skirt!

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  14. Tell me about it: whenever I take outfit photos I end up with a million awful pictures of myself!! I'm so not photogenic, but you are!!
    I think you should try the T.V series Revenge, it's really good.
    Thanks you for entering my giveaway and following :) xxx

  15. Wow you look stunning! I love this neutral color outfit!


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  17. Classic look, gorgeous outfit. Great blog!

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  19. Good luck with exams! You look fabulous! A++ for style!
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  20. Ker te rada spremljam, si ena izmed mojih nagrajenk z Liebster award. Pokukaj k meni na blog :) Tukaj te čaka :)

  21. Love the shoots!

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    Emily from Pretty Tiny Things

  22. lovely look <3

    - A.

  23. Cute outfit! Good luck to your exams.

  24. You look fantastic dear! ;)
    This is my list of tv series that I see, I see a lot of them! lol

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  25. Nice post:) Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog.

  26. Beautiful look! Very feminine and chic!!!

    Greetings from

  27. I'll have to check out Chicnova. I keep forgetting to. Nice blog! Check out mine and let me know if you want to follow each other.