I got my mind set of food.

By Katja Špoljar - Sunday, December 29, 2013

Right now my mind is set on the New Year's Eve. I'm finally getting excited about the last party of the 2013! We took like a million of pictures last year, but I haven't seen them yet... Hopefully our photographers won't forget to actually share the pictures this year. I have One Direction on replay (don't blame me) and Eminem's Berzerk cuts in every now and than. My taste in music is really a total mess of all types of music genres. Can't help myself. The only thing I'm focusing on lately is food. I just love holidays because of it. This year the time of "I'm getting fat for Christmas" started about a week ago with my Uncle celebrating his 50 birthday. Since then I'm enjoying about 6 unhealthy meals a day, including cookies, cakes, chocolates, muffins, even ice cream ... I guess I'll stop with this awesome "diet"  around 10th of January when I'll start studying and accidentally  forget to eat. Actually my dream job (besides the one I'll be working on for the next 10 years) is to be a food critic. Don't laugh :D I don't like cooking, but I'll be glad to eat everything you have prepared for me. Specially if we're talking about muffins, cakes, pastry...  Well enough about food.
 I went to see Zagreb (Croatia, google it) today and I wasn't impressed at all. I really expected more awesome Christmas lights from a big city :) I mean, c'mon, have you seen Ljubljana? She rocks :)

 Love, K.

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  1. v bistvu lahko združiš novinarstvo s svojim sanjskim poklicem, boš pisala kritike restavracij. :D So v Zagrebu veliki rdeči srčki? drugače pa sploh ne govori o količini hrane. -.- božič, včeraj rojstni dan, jutri rojstni dan... obup! :D moj stric je tudi letos praznoval petdesetko! :D
    Uživaj in lepo praznuj novo leto! :D

    1. bi lohk na blogu odprla eno rubriko ocenjevanja hrane na bone haha :D
      jaa so ja. tm nekje u neki ulici, smo se sam mim pelal pa pol nismo več najdl :/
      haha, sej pravm, letos nisi nč, če nisi 50 :D!

      Hvala ti :)! Lepo praznuj tudi ti, pa po pameti :P

  2. One Direction so zakon! Lušni fantje pa še lepo pojejo. Glede hrane se ti pa pridružujem. :D

  3. Food and fun: that's where it's about! LOL X Anna


  4. Beautiful photos! Very delicious :) Have a fabulous New Year

  5. Katjaa a gremo enkat na koncert od 1D? I'm obsessed *.*

    1. I'm in :D ena moja sošolka gre zdej že drugič :D!
      sam ne vem, zdej mislm, da sploh ne morš karte kupt, ko pa že pridejo na Eventim, moraš met pa ogromno srečo, da jih dobiš :D
      ampak jaaa, js js tut :D!

    2. o baaad :( mormo se enkt res zment pa probat dobit karte!